Intershop commerce solutions adapt to the needs of your specific business and the expectations of your customers—and not vice versa.

Intershop Commerce Suite is the world’s leading solution for modeling sales processes to suit any business model or organizational structure. Using this single platform, you can showcase your brands, market your products worldwide, and implement the strategies that will grow your business.

Omni-channel Management

Commerce is Increasingly Diverse.

Using the Intershop Commerce Suite, you can roll out all your business models, business units, brands, and customer segments across all channels and sales territories.


Experience Management

Your Customers Expect More.

Create a rich, engaging, and intuitive shopping experience. Gain a competitive edge with exciting content, attractive product presentations, and a seamless purchase process.


Product Information Management

Product Data is the Heart of Your Business.

The Product Information Management system in the Intershop Commerce Suite ensures optimum quality and profitable deployment of your product data.


Marketing & Merchandising

Customers Love Incentives.

With Intershop, you can connect with your customers before they enter your store, accompany them throughout the purchase process, and then stay in touch during the post-sale phase.


Transaction Management

Smooth Transactions Mean Satisfied Customers.

Whether you require a traditional retail checkout or a more complex B2B commerce system, the Intershop Commerce Suite delivers smooth and customer-friendly transactions.


Organization Management

Your Business is Unique.

Intershop adapts to the specific characteristics of your business, not vice versa. The multi-client system gives you the power and flexibility to manage complex organizational structures.


Analytics & Reporting

Control is Key to Business Performance.

The Intershop Commerce Suite includes powerful tools for analyzing business data and monitoring the technical infrastructure.


Operational Excellence

Growth Requires a Solid Foundation.

The Intershop Commerce Suite is geared for high performance and high availability as well as easy adaptability and wide-reaching integration.